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@Genevieve P. or @Paul Newcome maybe you can help me with something. I have a sheet that i need to include some previous status column that i have in other sheet (probability Change log). I need that the status is the last row updated. In the sheet that i have the previous status i have the status and the "modified date" that will be the reference criteria. I already got to have in a column the last date of the item but now i need in other column show the Status (Low, High, Medium).

in the main sheet i already got a column with the last date of update using the following formula

=MAX(COLLECT({Modified}, {Opp}, [Opportunity ID]@row))

Now i need that another column collect the "probability" status on the same file (sheet) accord with the last date that i got with the previous formula,


From this table the return value should be the last updated that means that need to evaluate the "modified" date to see which is the last one, respect with the "Opp" column and return "probability" that in this case is "High" (in green)

Thanks in advance.


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