Smartsheet - Embedded Canvas


Is there any development progressing for an embedded canvas for each smartsheet line item.

It's terrific that users can connect email traffic to a particular line through Outlook add-in

Its terrific, attachments can be imported for each line item, either manually or through email

What's not terrific is the connectivity to Note-taking apps such as OneNote or others (very limited success through Zapier)

What is needed is an icon to "Open Canvas" or "Notes Page" that sits behind or your can add to each line item. In today's world, the amount of notes and data that needs to be managed is voluminous, fast and furious. It's not productive to have to keep all notes related to a line-item on smartsheet in another app (such as one-note, as it does takes extra time to keep organized).

With the above paragraph in mind, is Smartsheet working on anything like this? It would be add a valuable, customer-enhancing productivity feature to the everyday users (who don't have time to constantly research simple and complex formula writing and formatting).

I imagine this would be very welcomed and helpful to all users.

Thank you,



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