Emoji Showing on Grid - Not Showing in Print to PDF

forrest_elf ✭✭
edited 06/30/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Using emojis is a game changer for tracking data and keeping visual clutter to a minimum. However, we still need to keep physical copies regularly for the sake of archives.

The Issue: When printing the sheet to pdf, the emojis used do not appear.

I've created a sample that does not use any confidential or non-secure data.

Screenshot 1: Showing the emojis do indeed appear on the grid view

Screenshot 2: Showing the print to PDF settings

Screenshot 3: Showing the actual result

The one arrow does still appear albeit with different formatting, which I suspect is because Smartsheet is able to still "understand" it via text. However, the Bandage, Recycle, and Money Bag do not appear.

Any and all suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!