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Hello! My team is using the JIRA connector to pull ticket info from JIRA to Smartsheet. In the JIRA description field, the team has a template that contains several key pieces of information that I would like to separate into multiple columns. Basically, I would like the ability to pull everything to the right of the : for each of the lines into it's own new column. I know there is the RIGHT function, but how would I have it stop collecting at the end of the line when the number of characters is different each time?


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    @Jennifer Kaupke

    Below is an example. Replace bolded items for each specific column.

    1. Name if item you are bringing in. (e.g. BOX) KEEP THE SPACE
    2. Length of name you are bringing in. (e.g. 3)
    3. Length of name you are bringing in. (e.g. 3)

    =LEFT(RIGHT(Description@row, LEN(Description@row) - FIND("Working File: ", Description@row) - 13), FIND(CHAR(10), RIGHT(Description@row + CHAR(10), LEN(Description@row) - FIND("Working File: ", Description@row) - 13)))


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