Does Data Shuttle's Upload Data work in a sheet that has column formulas?


I've been having successful experience using Data Shuttle Upload Data with sheets that are referenced in another sheet. Now I have a sheet (sheet name: Tracking) with multiple column formulas, Data Shuttle Upload Data work doesn't seem to work...

When I try to set up the workflow, the columns that are formula driven cannot seem to find a matching column to fill in replace values even though the attachment that I'm using to refresh/replace the sheet contains the exact columns. The reason that I'm hoping to use data shuttle to replace the whole Tracking sheet is because I already have all formulas set up in this sheet, and I'm in the process of "migrating" Tracking from Excel to Smartsheet and my team is in Tracking (Excel) on the daily basis editing/entering info in other non-formula driven columns. So now all the formulas are set up, I want to use Data Shuttle to "update" Tracking (in Smartsheet) with the most up to date info. So that I don't have to redo all the formulas and my team can start working in Smartsheet's Tracking. I hope this all makes sense.

Thank you in advance!



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