How can my Dashboard display hours instead of days?

I have a report that summarizes the hours assigned to each team member in my project., and a dashboard that shows that report's summary fields. However, this summary is in days. I would like to display it in hours (7.5 * days).

How do I do this?

My first guess was to create a new sheet that referenced the report's summary fields, then multiply those numbers by 7.5, then create a report that referenced that sheet, and then have the dashboard point to that new report.

However, it appears you cannot link to summary fields. This turns summary fields into merely a pretty picture, not an actual metric. Nor have I figured out how to copy and paste that collection of summary fields into Excel or even a text document where I could do some actual analysis on it.

Is there no way to turn a report of Summary fields into rows of numbers that I can use, other than manually typing each one into Excel?