Move Rows times out/doesn't work manually or via automation

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I have a large sheet that is fed by our salesforce connector which serves to collect status on orders. We have automation in place on this sheet (and many others) so that when a date is reached the rows automatically move to a Completed sheet in order to keep the original sheet clean and focused. This was working, but a few months ago the automation still said it was running successfully but wasn't actually moving any rows. A few weeks after I noticed, I got an alert saying the automation had failed too many times and would be disabled.

Not a huge deal, I thought I'd just move them myself. But when I try to move the rows myself it spins for a bit & 9/10 eventually times out and I get the error message below. Every once in a while if you select only a single row & you get lucky, the row will actually move. Copying doesn't work because I lose the cell history which is very important to me.

How can I get this to work reliably?

To clarify on the connector aspect: I am only trying to move rows that are already filtered out of the connector. They are in their own section (parent/child) so it's not a case where they're being removed & then re-added via that workflow.

Screenshot of my actual workflow, which is currently "unable to run":



  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @callylatchford

    How "full" is the destination sheet? I've seen Move Row workflows affected if the destination sheet becomes extremely complex. (See: Issue: My sheet is slow to load)

    If possible, I would suggest creating a copy of the current destination sheet (as an "archive"), then delete out all the current rows. Starting fresh in that destination sheet may help it run smoothly again.

    If it doesn't, please contact Smartsheet Support with a screen recording; they'll be able to troubleshoot this with you via a private channel.

    Another member posted an Idea in the Smartsheet Product Feedback & Ideas category to request a feature, "Online Active Performance Monitor on sheets" because of a similar performance issue. I would recommend voting on this idea and adding your voice so the Product team can hear from you.



  • callylatchford

    Thanks Genevieve (sorry, just remembered to check in on this!). My destination sheet had about 100 rows. I don't think it is too full, but I did as you suggested with no success. I also created a copy and tried to move to a different location and it still isn't functioning.

    I'll go down the route of a support ticket.