Forms: How to print/generate a PDF with field label and answers

I am creating a survey form, and the questions are quite long. There is a character limit for the column/field name, so I just use numbers (e.g. "question 1", "question 2") in the column/field name and put the actual questions in the field label. That seems to work for the form.

However, I want to be able to print/generate a PDF/generate an excel of each individual form submission. It seems like if I print, only the column/field names and the answers are included. The field label cannot be printed. Is there a way to get a copy of the form submission with the field label included?

Printing each row will only include the column/field name. Labels are not included.

Setting an automatic workflow to send me an alert will only send an email with column/field name. Labels are not included.

Anyone have any idea how to print a form submission with field labels? Or is there any way to bypass the character limit for column/field name?


  • JCluff
    JCluff ✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately there is no way to override/bypass the character limit and print/export will only show the column/field name. Smartsheet does offer the ability to generate documents where you can assign cells in a row to a fillable PDF, but this will require you to build a fillable PDF with the questions fully written out. If you want to explore this option, right click on the row and look for "generate documents". Pictured below:

  • I, too, need this functionality badly--we need the basic function of printing the form as shown, both empty and completed. My job requires official documentation that complies with US regulatory requirements, so the full text must be shown.

    Your suggestion, after creating the entire form, is to create another full document in PDF, plus form fields, and then map & merge the Smartsheet responses into that? PDF fields don't expand to accommodate large amounts of text, which is why I'm in Smartsheet to begin with.

    Please give me hope that there's another way to do this. Would you consider adding another option to the Print dialog for "Include Help Text" or "As viewed" or "As submitted?" Help please!