How to combine formulas


I'm a novice trying to make the following two formulas work together in the one cell in order to display as time format:

=SUM([Project Hrs]1 * [Percentage Project Hrs]@row)


=INT([Project Hrs]@row) + ":" + ([Project Hrs]@row - INT([Project Hrs]@row)) * 60

Could someone help with correct formatting to combine the two?

Also if anyone can recommend resources to learn more about using formulas relevant to Smartsheet I'd appreciate it.



  • Michael Culley
    Michael Culley ✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you give an example of what your desired outcome would be?

    Just give me an example for project hours, project hours percentage, and what the result should look like.

  • Hi Michael,

    We have total project budget in hours: [Project Hrs]1. We have a number of phases and related tasks. A column called Percentage Project Hrs which allows us to enter the percentage of the total hours each task should take.

    This is shown in the project hrs column as time eg 3.8. Now if Smartsheet had a time format I could apply all would be good. It doesn't, so I need to apply HH:MM formatting to the result using the above formula.

    I've had multiple attempts at nesting these two formulas but I'm new to all this and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Healthstyles

    If I'm understanding you correctly, the first formula is in the same column as - [Project Hrs]1

    but instead of translating it into your format in a different column, you want the second formula to be in that same Project Hrs column.

    In this case, you can replace every instance of "[Project Hrs]@row" in your second formula with the first formula! Try something like this:

    =INT([Project Hrs]$1 * [Percentage Project Hrs]@row) + ":" + (([Project Hrs]$1 * [Percentage Project Hrs]@row) - INT([Project Hrs]$1 * [Percentage Project Hrs]@row)) * 60

    Let me know if this makes sense! Here are some other resources that may help you as you build formulas:



  • Brilliant! Just what I need.

    Thanks for your help and links to resources Genevieve.

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