Power of Resilience - Melanie Corbin

Alison Clancy
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We recently chatted with Melanie Corbin (@MCorbin), Senior Supervisor of Business Operations at MedPOINT Management and an alumni of the Smartsheet Overachievers.

Here's what she had to say about how she utilizes her Power of Resilience and Smartsheet to amplify the work she does.

How do you use Smartsheet at work?

For everything I can get it to do! Manage / track team processes, project/program management, centralized data repository, communications, data analysis and more.

Describe a time when you utilized your power and Smartsheet to succeed at work?

I recently created a Policy Tracker for our department – centralized storage and approval of policies and procedures with all sorts of automation to ensure accuracy. When I learned that the company needed a company-wide Centralized Policy tracking solution, I gave them a demo. This turned into making modifications to the solution to accommodate multiple departments, multiple policy numbering processes, and centralized approval and management metrics, customized views for Policy submitters and approvers, automated alerts for status and review periods, automated history tracking.

I was asked to help another team in my department “Reconcile” the data from one of their processes. I discovered they had 6 or 7 different data sources, no common “key” data values, an outside vendor, another department involved, and no idea how to reconcile it all. Using Smartsheet. I created a reconciliation solution that pulls together all the data, matches up data from the different file sources, and allows the team to reconcile from end-to-end through the entire process. This solution uses nearly everything Smartsheet has to offer: Data Shuttle, DataMesh, DataTable, Pivots, reports, dashboards, and many many automations.

Is your power something you intuited or something you learned?

Definitely built in – it’s my nature to attack a problem and get it solved.

Has there ever been a time when you needed to flex your power to accomplish something?

Every. Single. Day.

Fill in the blank: I feel most in my power when I _______.

Am coming up with creative ideas for solving problems for my team, my department, or others in the company.

What does your power mean to you?

It means I can stick with a job and get the job done.