Can I use 2 formulas in 1 cell/column?


Hello! I'm stuck trying to put to formulas into one column. Here's the scenario.

I have multiple projects with multiple subtasks.

When the Status column is updated to "Completed" I would like the Progress column to update to 100%.

I've successfully completed this step with the formula:

=IF(Status1 = "Completed", "100%") in the Progress column.

Now, I'd like the average % of the completed subtasks to display in the parent row in the Progress column.

So, if I I have Parent Task 1 with 4 Subtasks, and 2 are moved to Completed, those 2 subtasks should have 100% in the Progress column and the Parent Task should have 50% in the Progress column.

Is this possible?

This is ideally how I'd like it to look.


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