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I'm trying to create a sheet summary for the number of items with a status of work in progress under each person. Team Member Assigned To is a multiselect option with several names listed. When I use the formula below, I get a return of 0.

=COUNTIFS([Assigned To]:[Assigned To], CONTAINS("NAME", @cell), STATUS:STATUS, "In Progress")

I have also tried -

=COUNTIFS([Assigned To]:[Assigned To], HAS(@cell, "NAME"), [STATUS:STATUS], "In Progress)

This one is Unparseable


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  • Dan W
    Dan W ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Try HAS instead of CONTAINS. HAS is formulated backwards from contains fyi

    =COUNTIFS([Assigned to]:[Assigned to], HAS(@cell, "Name"), Status:Status, "In Progress")


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