How to copy hyperlink from Excel to smartsheet



I have a column of hyperlink data in Excel that I want to copy into a column in smartshart.

The Excel data is in the form: =HYPERLINK("","P3-SET-642")

When I use ctrl C in Excel and then ctrl V in smartsheet, it only copies over the display text not the actual hyperlink.

Smartsheet has 'paste special' greyed out, so I can't seem to do a paste special -> link, in smartsheet either. Is that correct?

As a work-around, I have imported the Excel sheet into smartsheet, as a separate sheet. However, the cells with hyperlinks are shown as #UNPARSEABLE. I guess because smartsheet doesn't like the '=HYPERLINK' part.

Is there a way to extract the hyperlink into the correct smartsheet syntax? i.e.,%22P3-SET-642%22

So the "=HYPERLINK(" and the final ")" are removed?

I can't see another way of doing it. Would be great if I could just cut and paste the hyperlinks from Excel into smartsheet!