"Save as New" sheets Automations are linked to the original sheets rather than the new ones created?


I currently have multiple sheets where I have a multiple automations that get triggered when a specific cell is changed which makes a copy of the row and inserts it into a counting sheet that I use for a Sheet Summary for a Dashboard.

I've made a template of the sheets and counting sheets with all the automations but when I "Save as New" and have all of the proper copy options selected, it appears that the automations in the new sheets still copy and insert into the Template Counting Sheets.

I'll include a picture of what I have checked off when I'm saving "Save as New".

Also, I have tried "Include recipients & permissions settings" under Automated Workflow & Alert Options along with "Original sheets" which is under Any reports, dashboards, sheets hyperlinks and cells links will refer to:

I know it doesn't make sense to have "Original sheets" selected but initially "Newly created sheets" didn't work so I thought I might try my options:)

Let me know if you have any suggestions. Appreciate the help!