VLookup with multiple references in one cell


Hey all,

I'm not even sure what I'm after is possible, but thought I'd ask anyway.

We're using a sheet to track users while they are out on test rides. Each model available for test rides has a number assigned to it. When users take a ride, we enter their name and the test ride ID# to identify who is on which (TRACKER). I have a separate sheet with the models, their ID# and a few other details listed (REFERENCE).

I'd like to be able to extract data from the REFERENCE sheet to the TRACKER sheet based on the ID#. This is simple enough using vlookup. The trouble I encounter is that many of our users are in groups. Because our test rides are so fast paced, we don't really have the option of multiple columns, multiple user entries, etc. So what we tend to do is enter all the ID#s into the same cell, separated by commas. This obviously mucks with the vlookup formula and gives a #NO MATCH result. I'm hoping that the commas are enough to be able to adjust the formula and still get the references.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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