How to check if Flag has been flagged in another sheet? Formula?


I have a metadata sheet that has At Risk row with a flag symbol, and I would like to check the other project sheet with an At risk column to see if any flag has been marked in that column. If any task has been marked in the project sheet, I would like the flag symbol in Metadata to turn red as well.


  • Amit Wadhwani
    Amit Wadhwani ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @PKafley

    Is there any unique value that is same in both the sheets? So if the task 1 is red flagged, with the help of formula you can map the Unique values in both the sheets and automatically turn the matching task flagged in the Metadata sheet. You can try the below formula.

    =INDEX({Flagged},MATCH([Unique value]@row,0))

    You will have to reference the source sheet.

    Or you can use the COPY ROWS Automation workflow, if the task is flagged then copy the row and move it to the Metadata sheet. I hope this helps!


    Amit WadhwaniSmartsheet CoE, Ignatiuz Software, Exton, PA

    Best Regards

    Amit Wadhwani, Smartsheet Community Champion

    Smartsheet CoE, Ignatiuz Software, Exton, PA

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  • PKafley
    PKafley ✭✭✭

    Sorry for the delay, but Thank you, Amit. However, there are no unique values in both for me to pull the information in.

    I was thinking more of a conditional statement - pseudo code below:

    =IF({reference sheet column has any marked flagged row} - flagged, mark metadata cell with the flag in red, not mark it)

    I tried multiple things but did not work. I am able to check the same row on the same sheet.

    Appreciate any help.

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