Filtered Dashboards? Setting up a dashboard for a specific location

Ryan Levitz
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Hey guys,

We are going to be using Smartsheet to track initiatives of our stores. Each of our 120 stores will have 6-20 initiatives inputted into a single form, each as its own row. This form has about 30 columns of various data points, including the store number, and the store manager (contact list). The managers will log in using their credentials, and I know I can use the 'Current User' filter on the reports so they will view only their store's data.

My question is for the dashboard that I am building. Each initiative is worth points, so I'd want to be able to display that locations points on the dashboard. Each initiative will also have 'action items' (think basically a comment). I know I can accomplish this with a bunch of reports on a dashboard, but I'd like to make it look better and use metric widgets. I plan to have a helper sheet that will basically summarize the master sheet in the first paragraph. So instead of Store 01 having 6-20 lines, it would have just one, with the points being summarized (and a few other metrics). But I want the metric widget to pull the data point based on the currently logged in user Can a dashboard be filtered based on current user? Is there a workaround? I'm open to ideas.

For what it's worth, I'm building this as a WorkApp to more easily control everyone's access. We have store managers, regional mangers, district managers, and execs.


  • Kiela
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    I think using a WorkApp is the best way as you can filter on the view based on the permissions you give them. I did something similar recently but used a mastersheet and then depending on certain criteria I had a flow for the rows to be copied over to the site sheets that had dashboards and reports behind them - after the first one it was basically a template of copy/paste and a few changes. The Mastersheet is where I pulled the key data for the main dashboard but gave access to the managers for their sites only in the workspaces.

    I went to create a WorkApp but found only those with licences are able to access WorkApps and as not all has a licence decided to stop with that process.