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Automated Reply Emails: Total Row Counts/ Remove row lines from alert


Hello: We've had a request to include a total number of rows in an alert email.

Is that something that can be added to the automated emails that go out from smartsheet? An option to include the total row count in the bottom would be ideal.

(I am aware that going through the update screen can provide a " 1 of x" counter, but the users are looking for it in the original alert email as a check before the begin the update process)

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  • npcmoses139

    Yes! This would be so helpful right now. I have 0 to 20 rows that are transferred on a weekly based to another sheet based on their Status. Being able to alert people to the number of rows in the email alert how allow 90% of the questions to be addressed without anyone needing to go look at the actual data. Can this feature be addressed?