Automated Workflow - Triggering Alerts to Emails in Column on Sheet

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I was setting up an automated workflow for one of my sheets but ran into an issue. I want to alert the person (whose email address is a data cell on the sheet) when the status of a cell has been changed to "Order Completed". The trigger conditions for the workflow are fine and make sense but how can I designate that the alert needs to go to the email of the person who submitted the form (the email address is an actual field on the form)? The only options I have are to send to specific people, send to contacts in a cell, and other options that do not apply. Is there something else that I need to change in order to be able to do this?


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  • che.rabajante
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    Hello @aadami

    you must include in your form a contact field (email address) of the submitter or requester. in automation -- select send to contacts in a cell -- and select the column wherein submitter/requester email will be filled in.

    Hope this helps.