@mention function not working in some sheets

Michelle Basson
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I am experiencing issues with the @mention functionality in some of my Smartsheets.

It works in some sheets but not in others.

The people I want to @mention are all shared in the respective sheets.

What could be the issue here? As in the image below when I type @ it does not give me a list of users to select from.

It seems like this happens on sheets that are publish on a dashboard. When working on the sheet directly I can @metion, but when working on the published sheet on a dashboard, I cannot @mention.

Michelle Basson

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    @Michelle Basson

    Can you elaborate on how you are working on a "published sheet on a dashboard"?

    Ok I figured this part out - using the embed publish link as web content inside the dashboard... got it.

    The "published" version of a sheet does not contain the same level of functionality as the real version. You'll notice fewer buttons on the right panel, and an overall more limited UI. You'll notice that whether the published sheet is embedded in a dashboard or not. Contact lists and lists of shared users do not appear as part of the published version's capabilities.


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