Want to verify cells are equal, but getting reversed 'true' 'false' values in IF() statement...

Stacey C
Stacey C ✭✭✭✭
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I have a large SmartSheet that contains deposit information for my company plus others we do billing for. Since payments come in long after the service date in healthcare, I may get an outlier payment for a company that is no longer active in current year, but need to process.

I've created a cell 'All Deposits' that is the sum of [Credit Amount]:[Credit Amount]. I've created Sub-Totals for each known company by using SumIf statements for each company. I've then created a Formula Check to ensure the sum of the Sub-Totals is equal to the sum of All Deposits to make sure I am not overlooking an outlier company payment from years past.

Despite values of both 'All Deposits' and sum of 'Sub-Totals' looking identical on screen at $4,837,354.40, when I write an IF() statement to verify the two cells are equal and return OK or Calc Error response, I get 'Calc Error' even though the data appears true. I have checked formatting for cells, decimal places beyond hundredths, moved to different columns to avoid circular references but nothing works. I've even tried using <> and reversing my desired output, but still get the false response. Any thoughts?

Here are my formulas:

Deposit1=SUM([Credit Amount]:[Credit Amount]) //value = $4,837,354.40//

Deposit2:Deposit7=SUMIF(Company:Company, [Sub Headers]@row, [Credit Amount]:[Credit Amount])

Deposit8=Sum(Deposit2:Deposit7) //value=$4,837,354.40//

Alert Message=IF(Deposit1 = Deposit8, "OK", "ERROR!") //value="ERROR!"//



  • Stacey C
    Stacey C ✭✭✭✭

    UPDATE: I think I've solved my own problem. By using the ROUND() function to two decimal places for both currency fields I am trying to verify, I was able to get my IF statement to work as expected. I have to assume that the difference has something to do with my imported data, and will continue to test as I add new rows for weekly credits and company deposits, but this seems to have resolved my issue for now.

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