Is there a limit for how many submissions a form can have?

I've had roughly 180 submissions from 4 different forms that feed into one sheet. All of a sudden, I've been hearing from people that they've filled out the form but their submissions aren't showing up on my end on the sheet. There are more rows available and I've checked the whole sheet, they're not there. Is there a limit as to how many submissions there can be?



  • SRLinhardt
    SRLinhardt ✭✭✭✭

    Check these things:

    1. I would make sure there is no filter on.
    2. I would also make sure that your rules on the form say to put new submissions at the top of the sheet.
    3. You can check the sheet activity log to check the form user and the submitted time and date to confirm with them.
    4. I would also scroll all the way down to make sure there are no rows that are being added to the bottom.
    5. Also, you don't have any workflow that moves a row to another sheet, do you?

    As far as I know, there is no submission limit.