Duplicate Values causing multiple emails being sent with the same info


So I have a sheet that is essentially tracking missed attendances. And we want to know when a miss happens each time. I have it set up currently to check for duplicates and then a box gets check for each miss up to 3. Then I have a workflow to notify different people based on the number of miss it was. My issue is that when it sends the workflow for 2 and 3 that it is sending the same email 2(or 3) times. Is there any way to make it so only one email is sent for the instance? Or is there a better way to count for a 2 or 3rd miss(as in the first miss still has the check for 1 miss but then only the second time is just checked for that row)? Right now my formulas are

=IF(COUNTIF([Holder email]:[Holder email], [Holder email]@row) = 1, 1) 1 miss

=IF(COUNTIF([Holder email]:[Holder email], [Holder email]@row) > 1, 1) 2nd miss

=IF(COUNTIF([Holder email]:[Holder email], [Holder email]@row) > 2, 1) 3rd miss


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