Overall % Complete of all sub-deliverables with 'Development' in name



I am attempting to create 2 separate sheet summary fields that specify an overall % complete based on sub-parent task names. I would like to create an overall % complete for all 'PIR Facility Components' tasks as well as a combined overall % complete for 'Facility Application Development Changes' and 'Host/AN Program Changes'; basically providing overall % complete of requirements gathering (PIR Facility Components) as well as software development tasks (Facility Application.... and Host/AN Program changes). I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I am using the =avg(children()) formula to acquire my percentages and not the % complete of child rows + assigned duration method of determining % complete.

I can add "Development" to the 'Host/AN Program Changes' sub-parent tasks so "Development" exists in both development-specific tasks if that makes the formula easier. Any ideas?

I appreciate any insight. Thank you!

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