Add form response to a cell rather than to a row

Is there a means to add form response to a cell rather than add a new row?


We have an existing Google Sheet that we share with all staff, and as they receive new assignments they are required to update the Daily Forecast with the relevant information. They do that manually into individual cells (which turn green when there is data in them). See below:

This Google sheet has a year's worth of daily columns and about 100 staff rows. The current date automatically is marked in red at the top of the sheet. The staff member just goes to the cells of interest and enters their information.


To do this via a Smartsheet form rather than manually.

I can and do have staff add info to a weekly summary using a form, and their entries occupy an entire row.

Is there a way for me to have information from a form entry go to a cell or range of cells (range based upon staff name and dates range)?

Certainly I can have a form add rows to a Gantt chart but the boss wants the format that I created above in Google Sheets, as it is intuitively easy to use. Also, we don't want to give EVERY staff member access to Smarthseet just to fill out a cell every week or so.

Can I have a form fill out a row in an intermediate Smartheet and then use references to place that information into given cells in another Smartsheet?

Thank you!


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