Contracts with multiple payments and due dates

I am looking for a solution for my sales team to enter a new contract and the multiple payments and due dates associated with each payment. I then need the same sales team to see a report that identifies send alerts for the next payment that is due and track when it is paid. The sales team has to have minimal interface with Smartsheets when entering the contract data. One solution I have thought of is to use a form to enter each contract and the multiple payments. Because each form can only enter data into one row, each row would have to hold all of the payment information. This makes things easy to enter in the form, but would get complicated when trying to build a report that identifies which payments are coming due. I'm envisioning it would involve a lot of complicated if/then statements moving from one column to the next.

Can anyone suggest a more elegant solution to approach?


  • @scott hesser would it work to develop several reports - report1 for payment1, report2 for payment2 etc.

    A helper column could be used to show which payment stage each row is at.

    An automation could send an email with the appropriate report link as each payment is due.

    Would that work?