Autofill cells based on data in other cells

Is there a way to autofill a cell using data from other cells as a trigger? For example, our projects are assigned a number (MonthNumber) in one cell, and we have a another cell that says Month. This serves two purposes for us - the count the projects per month but also to indicate what data to pull for our reports.

Is there a way to make the sheet autofill? Example: If Cell says Jan###, autofill "Month" with January, and so on for each month.



  • Erica Cole
    Erica Cole ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Amanda,

    I hope this helps. I use the formula to automatically change a date from a numeric format to the word for the month. For example 3/3/2022 would populate the word March. You would just need to change the [Created]@row to whatever your column is titled. Once the formula works in 1 cell, convert it to a column formula to make it automatically give the month every time a new row of data with a date is added.

    =IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 1, "January", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 2, "February", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 3, "March", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 4, "April", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 5, "May", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 6, "June", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 7, "July", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 8, "August", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 9, "September", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 10, "October", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 11, "November", IF(MONTH([Created]@row) = 12, "December"))))))))))))

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