Actionable meeting summaries

Alon Ekhoiz
Alon Ekhoiz ✭✭
edited 08/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi everyone. I got a question and would like to learn from your experience: Any examples of how you use Smartsheets to write actionable meeting summaries?

Here's what I have in mind

My goals: Creating a "Meeting Summary Area" for each project, that will include all meeting summaries. Summaries must be concise and actionable.

How I think of accomplishing this:

  • Create a form to use for writing summaries. The form should include "Points discussed" (for capturing discussion points) "Decisions made" and "Action items" (both self-explanatory).
  • Each question should also have relevant sub-questions, such as "Start Date, End Date, Assignee, etc."
  • After filling the form, it should populate to a sheet in the "Meeting Summary Area" of the relevant Project.
  • Then, I wonder if we're able to link a row that contains an action item, into the project's project management sheet. This way, the action item can be added to the project timeline easily (I envision that the Summary sheet columns match the Project sheet's columns so that copying it from the summary to the project sheet can be done seamlessly).
  • Every row which is not project-related can be left as "stand-alone", however, an assigned task will be added to the task owner's personal task report - so that both they and the Project Manager can follow up.

How does this sound to you? How do you do meeting summaries in Smartsheets? any tips?