SUMIF Formula with Checkbox Criteria



I used to be able to use a sumif formula and pull in lines values that had a check box in one reference column or not checked in another reference column, and now that formula I used in the past doesn't work, I would use ...,{column Reference}, TRUE... ...,{column Reference}, FALSE...

I can get around the issue with helper columns but I don't really want to resort to that solution, any ideas as to how I can rework my formula to correct the error?


  • Michael Culley
    Michael Culley ✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you paste the exact formula you used so we can see where the error may be occuring?

    edited 08/17/22

    =SUMIFS({FY2022 Transaction Sheet Range 6}, {FY2022 Transaction Sheet Range 3}, Program@row, {FY2022 Transaction Sheet Range 4}, false, {FY2022 Transaction Sheet Range 5}, true, {FY2022 Transaction Sheet Range 7}, "6000:Goods and Services")

    This is the formula in my prior data set that works and it won't work in my new sheet.

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