Project schedule template help

Hey there everyone! I just needed some clarification based around one of the project schedule management templates I am currently using. As you can see above I created a sample data sheet and dashboard focusing specifically on the chart. My issue is that when I enter in all my data to the sheet it will not reflect " Completed vs Remaining on the donut chart ". I just need some help figuring out as to where the charts are pulling data from as I am trying to create a dashboard using that donut chart to show the status of the progress and what % is complete vs remaining still. I know it looks correct in my attachment but when i try and create something with actual information and start and end dates it shows up as "Chart error" or I am not able to create that chart when selecting the data. Please just let me know if you know something that would help me out! The sample is in the attachment below. Thanks!


  • Josh L.
    Josh L. ✭✭

    Hi Nick. Have you checked the Data Source for the donut chart? If you're using a template and haven't told the dashboard where to pull data from, then it's likely that the template is pulling data from a template data source.