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Time Sheet to keep track of time

Van Johnson
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I need to add a column for each task for the following purpose:

When I assign a technician a task I need to be able to track the amount of time (hours) they spent per day working on that task or if they did not on the assigned day.   Please send ideas.  


  • Stephanie Q

    There are options when you create a new column and choose "Auto-Number/System" and then "Created (Date)" and also another column "Modified (Date)"


    The "Created Date" Column will time stamp with the exact time and day that the row was created. The "modified date" Column will keep a log of every single time the row has been modified, the time it was modified, and by who. 


    So far this is the best way I have been able to keep track of time. 

  • Van Johnson
    edited 07/01/15

    Thanks for the response.  I was looking more for a way to keep track of time on the task.  For example "worked on task July 1 for 4 hours". Sort of like a time sheet.  

  • JohnHinkle
    JohnHinkle ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/01/15

    Smartsheet is releasing the ability to set durations in hours/minutes/seconds in a couple weeks. Once this is available you will be able to show the time a user spent on a task/day. There is also a resource management feature which allows you to allocate users to tasks. It will allow you to see how they are allocated across all projects and sheets. 




  • Let me know if following data represents your question.


    Sheet has columns

    Contributor Project          NumberOfHours DateOfWork           project

    John                                4                          Jun-1-2015             Project-A

    John                                1                         Jun-2-2015             Project-A

    Robert                             2                          Jun-1-2015             Project-A

    John                                3                          Jun-4-2015             Project-A

    John                                5                          Jun-5-2015             Project-A

    If you have sheet which logs the data like the above then reports can be used to find out

    e.g. John did not work on June-3-2015.

    With Reports you can also find out that John worked

    4 add 1 add 3 add 5 = 13 hours during Jun1-2014 - Jun-5-2015



  • Van Johnson

    Thanks, I will try this setup.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    I am happy to announce the ability to set partial day duration (hours, minutes, and seconds) is here! Check out my announcement for more information and to ask questions: https://community.smartsheet.com/announcement/new-smartsheet-critical-path-and-duration-minutes-hours-and-weeks

  • Abdul Khan

    I am using this feature of smartsheet in my tracker, I need help with issues in system columns.


    1. Modified - Date and time stamp for the row will fill all the rows below. I want only the row updated to get stamped not any rows below it which should remain blank. Is there a way I can achieve this.


    2. Modified By - Stamps with email id of the person updates for the row and all the rows below, as I have the issue with Date and time. Is it possible to have Name instead of email id and again to have all the rows below remain blank.




  • Cadsolutions - Paul Johnson
    edited 07/14/16

    How to I schedule daily timesheet inputs into a new row daily on a sheet. I tried update requests but that over writes a row info, Webforms a re ideal but I cant see a way of scheduling a reminder to employees to use the webform, other than sending them a scheduled email reminder. 

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