Index Match function cuts off zeros


Hello all,

I am pulling a cell value from a different grid with an Index Match function. The cell value is "89.09740".

The value can be pulled succesfully, however, the number is displayed without the zero at the end: "89.0974".

Is there anything I can add to the below formula that would make sure no zero is cut off at the end of the number?

Here is the current formula:

=INDEX({ACC operations tracker all columns base sh Range 1}, MATCH($[Row ID]@row, {ACC operations tracker all columns base sh Range 2}, 0), MATCH([Item Number]$1, {ACC operations tracker all columns base sh Range 3}, 0))

Thanks in advance,




  • Brucey
    Brucey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey Dennis, although there is a 0 - those numbers are the same so It shouldn't matter. However is you want to increase the amount of decimals you see you can edit it like this. (the button to the right is increase decimal and you can add as many 0's to the end as you like).

    You can perform this action for the entire column as well.

  • Dennis92

    Hi Brucey,

    that was it! :D Thanks for the quick fix :)

    Have a great day,


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