Smartsheet workflow is sending alerts to old contact


We use a workflow in the smart sheet which sends an alert to specific contacts in a cell however we have noticed that the smart sheet is not sending the alert to the new contact instead the old contact receives the alerts, please help.


  • SolutionSal

    Does this help article provide any insight for your issue?

    Edit or delete contacts

    In the Navigation Bar, select Account > My Smartsheet Contacts.

    In the My Smartsheet Contacts form, right-click the contact that you want to edit or delete. 

    Select one of these options:

    Delete Contact: Remove a contact from your contact list

    Edit Contact: Enter a name associated with the email address, or change the email address of your contact 

    The note included in this section of the article suggests contact values aren't auto updated to reflect the new contact card. You'll have to update cells created with the old contact card.

    Deleting or editing a contact in your contact list doesn't remove or update the email address on shared sheets or update any task assignments. To re-assign tasks, see the Find and Replace Values Within a Sheet article.

    A nice trick to update old contact cards might be to briefly change the column type to 'text/number'. This will convert contact values to look like this Test test <> then ctrl-f to find and replace the old email with the new value while preserving the format. Converting the column type back to a Contact list should read and convert the text values to contact cards.

    Hope this helps!

  • Muhammad Maaz

    No, my problem is different.

    In my master sheet, I have a contact column that has the email addresses of my team. I have set up a workflow that copies all the rows into another sheet every day. Today, I have assigned a new contact to some rows however when smart sheet automation was run it copied all the rows but with the name of the old contact which should not be the case.