Workflow Triggering at Random and Not Scheduled Time

I have an interesting issue with one of my workflows. Everything about it works correctly except the trigger. If a ticket is in New status, it sends an automated email to a user letting them know that they will be assisted shortly. If it is in one of the four open statuses, it sends an approval request to the user, asking if they'd like an update. It is set to run every Monday-Friday at 2 PM CST.

For a few days, it ran every two hours instead of just at 2 PM, and then it started running at random times. I had tried copying it, deactivating the original and running the copy, and it produced the same results. I rebuilt the workflow from scratch, and in the below screenshot, you can see it ran at 6:52 AM CST.

I cannot replicate this issue on any other sheet I have access to. I build all of my workflows on a separate, test sheet and it worked as intended on there. It ran once a day at its scheduled time. When I copied it to our live sheet, it did not work correctly. Below is a screenshot from my test sheet where the workflow works correctly. The top workflow was changed to run at 7 PM, given it was 6:57 when I originally finished building it and wanted to test it, and then changed to 6 PM (the time it was intended to run) after I verified it worked correctly.

I'm at a loss for why this works on one sheet and not another. The workflows are identical other than the names. I have other random issues with workflows not working on this sheet, but generally copying them and deactivating the original fixes the issue.

My only guess at this point is traffic. This is one of two sheets that generally has between 200 and 600 tickets on it, and between 10 and 15 people using it at a time. My other workflow issues always happen on these two sheets as well; none of the sheets for the three much smaller projects I also support have these problems.

Any ideas?



  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭

    Hi @Nick B.

    Could it be in the trigger? You have selected when a date is reached but appear to have entered days of the week which I cannot replicate. Change Run once to Custom then set the repeat to every 1 day, never ending or set a date.



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