Extract overdue tasks based on project type

Hi Smartsheet Community :-)

First off, very excited to be using Smartsheet. My team and I really enjoy the awesome functionalities it offers. We are however, struggling a bit with the following.

My team manages two types of projects. Reforms and Launches. We would like to create one report that shows overdue tasks for reforms and another report that shows overdue tasks for launches. What is the cleanest / easiest way of doing this Smartsheet experts? :-D

Some ideas that we though of were:

1) Create a launch folder and a reform folder; have each report extract information from its respective folder

2) Add a new column for all projects that either says "Launch or reform". Create a report that filters based on that new column

3) Somehow leverage the summary report functionality; I find this the most enticing way however, I was not able to filter down to the tasks of the project based on the summary report. It would only let me review the project as a whole and not the tasks within the project.