Denial of Request

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I've seen many messages about this topic and I can't seem to get it to work on my automation. Or it seems SmartSheet has changed the way they use this function. Hoping someone can help me figure out where I'm going wrong. I've also very new to Smartsheet.

I have my Smartsheet filled in with the following columns:

Traveler's Name, Traveler's Email, request details, costs of trip, Email address of who submitted the form. And, then either I set up (or Smartsheet did on its own), but a column for approvals of the request and a comments column. (attachment #1, minus a few of the columns)

In my automation - I have one workflow.

Step 1) Trigger: when rows are added/changed for when someone enters the traveler's email (attachment #2)

Step 2) no condition to filter rows (attachment #2)

Step 3) Request an approval (saving those responses in the approval column in the form) The request approval is including all fields from the form. (attachment #2)

Step 4a) If approved: it is alerting our accountant email address, the traveler's email address and the email address of who submitted the form. 12 fields from the form are being included *note - this step works great, tested it many times* (attachment #3)

Step 4b) if DECLINED: it is alerting the traveler's email and the email of who submitted the form. With a note that says "Action REQUIRED: Travel not approved. And, it includes 13 fields. It is also alerting the accountant's email saying this travel isn't approved. (attachment #4)

Where/HOW do I have the approver enter a comment on why this travel is being denied? And, how can the submitter resubmit the form again or approval? I hope I was descriptive enough and someone is able to help me move on from this project. :)

Attachment #1

Attachment #2

Attachment #3

Attachment #4


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    When declining a request there is an option to make a comment in that notification, for the recipient to view that typically they need sheet access as I understand however there is a new Smartsheet column, "Latest Comment". Could you add this column type and in the recipients declined notification (make this a Request Update type) show this column?. As for resubmitting a form there is no automatic option, in the same message you would simply ask they resubmit a new request OR allow them to update a cell - perhaps a dropdown column with a set list of reason codes, would that work?



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