Formula to calculate 1 month from given date



I am trying to count one month from a particular date and need help with the formula.

for example the move in date is 7/29/2022 I want Smartsheet to automatically count 1 month from that date as the due date in a separate column? how do i go about doing that?



  • SolutionSal

    Hello, Smartsheet allows you to calculate dates using formulas. You could use a nested IF statement to calculate approximate move out date like this.

    =IF([Approximate Duration of Stay]@row = "1 Month", [Approx. Move In Date]@row + 30, IF([Approximate Duration of Stay]@row = "2 Weeks", [Approx. Move In Date]@row + 14, "NA"))

    This will work best if you use a Multiselect Column to limit potential values of [Approximate Duration of Stay] to those included in the nested IF formula. Here is a link to a related Help article.

    Hope this helps!

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