Export MS project plan to excel and import Smarthsheet


Wondering if someone can help me with importing MS Project plans into smartsheet. I am having problems with importing MS project plans into Smartsheet. it is loosing predecessors. I read that exporting the MS Project plan to excel and then importing the excel file into Smartsheet. However, when I do that the excel file does not maintain any of the hierarchy. I have about 80 MS project plans that I need to get into Smartsheet and they are about 2500 lines of tasks each. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Without a built-in formul in Smartsheet you are left with having to manually indent rows. Here is one way, albeit very manual, but it does work in converting hierarchies.

    1. Export MS Project file to excel using the built-in Excel Template.
    2. Verify that the excel file has a column for Outline Level
    3. Import Excel into Smartsheet, select the Task name for the primary column
    4. Starting from the bottom of the newly created Smartsheet, Look for the largest outline level, select and indent each group of rows with the same, contiguous, level.
    5. Continue indenting each successive level until you indent level 2 and you should end up with the proper hierarchy.

    I have attached a sample 3 level plan in Excel from a standard MS Project plan

    It is a lot of work, but doable until there is an automatic way to interpret outline layers in Smartsheet.