Smartsheet Formula to Click Active Checkbox in Next Row when Complete is Checked in the Row above

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Title says it all but I'm putting together a workflow using hierarchy. We have certain tasks that have 6-7 phases in them before they are complete, and other tasks that only have 1 thing to do when they are complete, and I'd like to build an automated formula to check an "active" checkbox if something is a child row and the child row above it is checked complete, OR to check "active" if the row doesn't have any children. I'd use this "check the active box" trigger to send an email alert to the person it's assigned to that their part is now active.

Thoughts on how to make this work? Below is a screenshot of what I've built out so far. I also have a parent row check box as well, but am completely stumped on how to get this trigger to work since it's dependent on the row above it getting checked first.

What I want is that if I check complete in Phase 1: Initial Scoping, the Active box under Phase 2: Mapping and Classification is checked (and then so on- so when I click complete in Phase 2, Phase 3 goes active, etc.).


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