Identify Duplicate Values On Select Dropdown Selections


I want to identify any new rows that are trying to use the same filename as an existing row. We do have reuses, so I do not want those flagged. I was able to set up a checkbox helper column for Duplicates that identifies any filename that is repeated in that column.

=IF(COUNTIF([Filename]:[Filename], [Filename]21) > 1, 1, 0) 

If a duplicate filename is used, it flags that row in the Duplicate column.

I then set up a conditional formatting to change the cell color to red for any Filename that has the Duplicate column flagged.

However, I want to refine this based on a Classification column. We reuse files under the same filename, and I do not want those flagged.

I updated the conditional formatting to exclude anything with Reuse in the classification column, but that leaves the original row flagged.

Essentially, I want to flag any duplicate Filename, but only if they meet one of two conditions in a different Classification column: New or No Research.

Any suggestions as to how to get the rest of the way solving this?


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