I NEED HELP GET THE smartsheet equivalent to excel formulas

Formula A

=IF((OR(B8="K",B8="PO", B8="", B8="via")),SUMIFS(Contract!R:R,Contract!E:E,C8,Contract!F:F,"0"),"NA")

Formula B

=IF((OR(B10="K",B10="PO", B10="", B10="via")),SUMIFS(Contract!R:R,Contract!E:E,C10,Contract!F:F,">0"),"NA")

Formula C

=IF((OR(B9="K",B9="PO", B9="", B9="via")),SUMIFS(Contract!R:R,Contract!E:E,C9,Contract!C:C,"Open")+SUMIFS(Contract!R:R,Contract!E:E,C9,Contract!C:C,"Closed")+SUMIFS(Contract!R:R,Contract!E:E,C9,Contract!C:C,""),"NA")

Formula D




  • JSanita
    JSanita ✭✭✭✭

    There is a formula glossary here: Setup: Formula Handbook - Smartsheet.com

    Also, if you try to retype the formulas, it might be a little easier to add the reference data. There are different (better) ways to reference other sheets. I have to assume "Contract" and "Invoice" are additional sheets within smartsheet as well for you? In that case when you retype the formula you'll have the opportunity to reference another sheet.

    Or is there something else different that you think is not working quite right? the other functions you have "IF", "OR", "SUMIFS" should be similar in smartsheets.

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