Summary Field - Formula Reference Question

I want the summary field in a individual project page to reference information from the master sheet the individual project page comes from.

Currently, the layout is such: Master sheet with Job Codes in Column 2. in that column, each job code is hyperlinked to an individual task sheet. Because the task sheet does not recognize it's own sheet name as a value, I've elected to try and pull in the Job Code from the Master sheet to a summary field for further use.

in a summary field, I've written the following: =VLOOKUP([NewCo ID]@row, {DBC Master - Test Range}, 2, false)

[NewCo ID] is the name of the job code column

{DBC Master - Test Range} is the name of the range I've selected, that being the first two columns from the master sheet, working from the left.

I've selected the second column, which is the NewCo ID column mentioned above

and I've asked for an exact match, with "False"

What am I doing wrong?