I imputed a date that was 09.01.22 and yet the png shows 01.01.22

I completed a gantt chart shown here and as you can see my start date is 09.01.22 and yet the gantt charct shows january february, etc., this is ridiculous and completely ruins my chart and I didn't even input those values. If anyone could help me in removing them I would be grateful, thank you.


  • Scott Peters
    Scott Peters ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @emmak - 3 quick ideas that might help:

    1. Do you have any rows in the sheet that start on 1/1 that might be filtered?
    2. In the Project settings in Gant view, try changing the start of the fiscal year to September?
    3. When all else fails, Smartsheet may be remembering a value you had in the first row when you started building the sheet. Copy your content to a new row at the bottom of your sheet, then delete the original rows

    Let me know if any of that is helpful?

  • Hi tysm for your reply!

    1. I shortened the finish column to see if they were other rows but no it only started on September
    2. I did try changing the fiscal year and when I did all my years were added with 1 so the Gantt Chart showed September 2023 instead of September 2022
    3. I tried copying the values at the bottom but unfortunately it yielded the same result