set weekend as non work days but count them as days in dependency


I like how weekend days are coloured red if set as 'non working'. I would like to keep this (highlighted, so we see them clearly on gantt view) but count them as days when setting dependences. For example, the lab that I run often has to do experiments where something happens on day1 and again exactly 6 days later. If I set dependency SS+6d that can turn into 8 days later if incorporates weekend, so it doesn't work for us.

I realise that wouldn't happen if I count weekend as working days but then we lose the nice feature that shows weekend days in red.

If what I want can't be done, is there some other way to highlight weekend days in gantt view? Ideally, ability to highlight entire day column (as per attached example) would be awesome. This could be used for any other special days, holidays etc.

Alternatively, however, even just having the weekend letters in the top row in different colour is good too.

For us, its all about having some unavoidable work on weekends but with an easy visual on when this is.

Im new to Smartsheet so any advice appreciated.


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    I hope this helps.

    When you set your predecessor, you can use the following notation to show elapsed time, which will NOT exclude weekend days.

    4SS +e5d

    Placing the "e" before the number of days triggers elapsed time.

    This feature can also be used for the duration if the task needs to occur without taking into account working days or holidays.

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    actually that doesn't work for me; I tried this previously (having seen another thread about "elapsed" days in duration) but cannot get it to work with 'predecessor' ; putting an 'e' in from of 7d invalidates the link. OR am I doing something wrong?