Dashboards: Email the Visual not a Link...


I have several dashboards for various stakeholders and employees. I want to send the employee motivational boards daily. Currently, the only way that I can find to do this automatically is to send a link to the dashboard. I am currently snapping a screen shot and sending that, but obviously this is a manual process that I can not automate. Being able to automatically send a visual of the dashboard would be a big plus for me.

I would prefer to send the visual of the Dashboard in the body of the email. I want to do this for two reasons... First, I want my employees to be able to see the information immediately upon opening the email without the need to click a link and wait for it to load. Second, I can see who opened the emails, I can not see who actually clicks the link...

This seems simple, but for techs in the field opening an email and having the dashboard right there would be a huge time saver.



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