How to Segregate Rows from Sorting?

Hello, does anyone know how to prevent selected rows from being included when I sort rows?

I have a sheet that is a ledger of active and inactive items I have to inspect periodically. One of the columns in my sheet is "Inspection Date" and I sort my active items by this date, however I do not want the inactive items to be included in that sorting. The inactive items have been moved to the bottom of my ledger and they just sit there as a record that they were inspected at some point in the past and that they existed, but are no longer being inspected.

Is there a way to exclude my the inactive item rows from sorting? I tried locking them or just highlighting the rows I want sorted, but that didn't seem to have the desired effect.


  • Hello, I believe you could filter out unwanted rows by adding a helper checkbox column to your sheet. Then add a filter or sort criteria which bubble up rows that are unchecked and push down/filter out rows that are checked.

    Hope this helps!

  • Smaug
    edited 09/26/22

    Thanks Sal, that seems to have gotten me part of the way to a solution. When I apply such a filter, I can indeed only see my "active" items, but when I attempt to sort rows by the Inspection Date column, the "Sort Rows" function is greyed out as long as the filter is applied. So it doesn't seem like the sheet likes that I'm trying to sort rows while some are filtered out.