Find largest date for a given task from a list of multiple tasks

I have a need to lookup the most recent date upon which a task was completed. Each task has it's own unique number and upon completion an entry is made into an "archive sheet" of tasks completed in the past.

So, a very simplified example is that I am looking to utilize a formula to find the largest (i.e. most recent completion) of a task from a list of tasks that will have multiple occurences of multiple tasks.


Task # - Date Completed

001 - 9/15/22

002 - 9/15/22

003 - 9/17/22

001 - 9/18/22

002 - 9/19/22

001 - 9/20/22

I need to use a formula to look up the largest date for each task.

On my master Task List, this would be the result I am looking for.


Task # - Last Completed

001 - 9/20/22

002 - 9/19/22

003 - 9/17/22


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