Unparsable on Avg Collect

Good evening, all! You know those times when you've looked at something for so long and it eventually starts to blur together? Well, that's where I'm at, and could really use your help with this formula.

In the A16 sheet summary field, I'm trying to bring in the average of the age column where the following conditions are true: P0, P2 and P3 are all checked, P/C equals "Blocker/Emergency" and O/C equals Open.

I used the below but am getting unparsable:

=AVG(COLLECT(Age:Age, [P0]:[P0], 1, [P2]:[P2], 1, [P3]:[P3], 1, [P/C]:[P/C], "Blocker/Emergency", [O/C]:[O/C], "Open")))

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