Error Message on Offload workflow in Data Shuttle

Facing error message "Workflow Execute: The resource could not be found." while offloading a smartsheet to a Sharepoint Excel. The workflow runs successfully on first execution but when rerun shows above error message. Is there a way to resolve this?


  • Yes offload workflows that had worked before are not working for me now--no matter what I do. It seems like a large problem since I have almost 10 affected. And a few work but I set them all up at the same time a few weeks back.

  • MikeS
    MikeS ✭✭✭

    Did you ever resolve this? Having the same issue over here...

  • I opened a ticket with Smartsheet and I think we identified that the SharePoint login timed out. Which is frustrating. I re-logged in and things have been working well for a couple of weeks. My hope is that I shouldn't have to re-login too often. I made this point in my ticket: that there should be some info in the documentation about the link between Microsoft and Smartsheet and when credentials go stale.

  • Hi,

    Not sure what was the issue for me. I too had raised a ticket with Smartsheet support and they asked me to share the recording of workflow setup. But never shared the recording as the workflow was working fine by then and it is executed successfully for last couple of weeks.

  • RMurphy
    RMurphy ✭✭

    Hello - I'm having the same issue.......... Has this been resolved? My workflow was working fine yesterday, but today I can't get it to run.

  • Hi, if error message is "Workflow Execute: The resource could not be found", try to to reselect the target sheet in the offload workflow and rerun.

  • TomG
    TomG ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just hit this same issue and will likely open a support ticket. We specifically added Data Shuttle for the ability to automate some off hours tasks and using the Sharepoint/OneDrive is our only option for source/target folders. Manually reselecting the target sheet seems to have temporarily resolved the issue.

    But if we have to revalidate the source/target folder every day (we have daily upload and offload flows), it negates a lot of the benefit of Data Shuttle.

  • Hi Tom,

    Based on my observation for last few weeks, I think once the workflow is setup, the offload should work fine. But each time the workflow is opened with "Edit Workflow", the Datashuttle seems to lose the connection with source/target location and then need to manually reselect it. Hope this helps.

  • Having the same issue. Connection with Sharepoint disconnects and I have to re-authenticate for the Data Shuttle to work again.

  • Hey team, same issue here. The workflow works fine, then after one run it has to be manually reconnected to the SharePoint document folder using the "root" directory option.

    This isn't going to work for the automated workflow I've created.