Prompt User to complete field in a closed sheet.

edited 10/07/22 in Smartsheet Basics

I have three separated sheets, one is an entry sheet, open requests sheet, and closed requests sheet. I have an automation setup to take information from the entry sheet to the open requests sheet as well as the closed requests sheet, if all the conditions meet. In the closed request sheet if I have a field that is not completed, when a user is about to enter a new entry based on which department is selected and if that department match with the department in the closed requests sheet. I want to prompt or send the user to complete the missing field in the closed request s sheet as the user entering the data in the entry sheet. Is that possible to do in smartsheet? If you please help me understand how to do that. Thank you!


  • Hello, have you considered using a cross sheet reference to link the data from another sheet? This could be used with a nested IF function to calculate an output on Sheet 2 using data from Sheet 1. Here's a handy help article if you're curious.

    Another option could be to design a Dashboard with embedded Report widgets. You may have to tinker with the Report's logic to display the intended/appropriate rows. Data flow of embedded Reports is bidirectional. This can be used to display and edit multiple sheets from a centralized webpage. Here's a handy help article about dashboards.

    Hope this sparks some inspiration!